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Join us each month as we bring together AEC industry innovators to discuss the people, process, and technology changes required to transform construction in the digital age. Breakout topics range from diversity & mental health to digital twins and reality capture. Check out past breakout recordings on our YouTube Channel, and read about the proposed topics for our next round of breakouts on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 [3pm EST/ 12pm EST]. 

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Thursday, November 5th, 2020

[3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST]

General Session ​Co-Hosts: Bianca Holtier Coury & Dan Smolilo

Breakout Topics for this Session

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Shared Pains

Inclusion & Diversity | Exercising Empathy | SME 

Moderator: Sasha Reed 

Subject Matter Expert: Brent Darnell

Mental Health | Digitization | Group

Moderator: Chad Pearson 

Subject Matter Expert: Michael Burich

Remote Work | VR Applicability | Group*

*Requires AR/VR + spatial.io account

Moderator: Lilian Magallanes

VR Subject Matter Expert: Jonathan Marsh

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Breakout Room Categories

Fireside Chat, Panel & SME Share

Selected perspectives share past experience or current initiative, with request for engagement, feedback or questions from audience participants. 

Group Discussion

Participants are strategically selected to represent a balance of opposing perspectives, and should be prepared to contribute their story to the larger conversation.  



Inclusion & Diversity |  Empathy | SME Share
Sasha Reed welcomes back Brent Darnell to bring us some practical exercises we can utilize to recognize unconscious bias and build empathy. Learn more about the extent of Brent's online resources at www.brentdarnell.com.  Watch last month's discussion here to learn why empathy is key to addressing unconscious bias and systemic racism. 

Mental Health | Digitization | SME Share
Chad Pearson talks with Michael Burich to learn what 3D sounds are, and how they can improve our mental health. Working in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment like construction produces a lot of stress and anxiety, so we'll take any help we can get! For some background on how F'd up the AEC industry is, allow Paul Doherty to get your blood boiling here.

Remote Work | VR Applicability | Group Discussion
Lilian Magallanes moderates a group of VR enthusiast to stress test the viability of a virtual bigroom in virtual reality using the spatial.io platform with participants using Oculus Quest, Microsoft Hololens... or Magic Leap (Ha!). Special thanks to Jonathan Marsh for participating as our VR SME and setting up the platform for us to collaborate in. Lil will interview the group about our experience, while also joining the room as a non-VR webcam participant! Check out last month's Remote Work breakout discussion about "Setting Expectations" here

Digital Twin | Standardization | SME Panel
Kelly Doyle looks to curate the SME perspectives across the project delivery supply chain in the correct order and operation to tell a story of the Digital Twin potential... starting with a common definition. AEC data standards influencers and authorities are invited to contribute their perspective on the AEC data standardization dilemma.   

Reality Capture | Owner Data Needs | Group Discussion
Brianna Williams and the rest of the CDX-004 Reality Capture initiative share an initial draft of the Owner's RC Decision Guide to a panel of owner perspectives to find out which aspects may be useful to them. Reality Capture & BIM professionals are invited to hear the current state understanding and add feedback on applicability. Review the history of Reality Capture discussions on this Youtube playlist

Technology Stack | WIP Reports | SME Panel
Satyam Verma returns to moderate a technical discussion at the intersection of financial risk/profit drivers and data interoperability. Dennis Stejskal provides a contractor's interpretation of the surety perspective, including their incentive to gather more granular project performance data. Then, Lisa Duncan & David Francis share how granular the data reporting can get when you're at the material workface level. Together, we will discover where (and how) to connect the data silos that exist both internally betweeen field and office, and externally between project delivery satkeholders. Last month's Reality Capture breakout provides some much needed context for those who wish to participate in this discussion.


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