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At the Construction Progress Coalition (CPC), we understand the importance when breaking down traditional collaboration silos to not build a new bigger silo in its place. CPC is committed to partnering with existing agencies, owners, and member organizations that align with our mission and vision. 

Current Members

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Exposure Organization promotion and recognition as a supporter of open integration standards on (including logo, website link, and company description)


Influence Actively participate in each stage of CDX development from existing standards review to pioneer project implementation

Dynamic Network  Gain access to a shared knowledge-base of AEC process innovation and technology integration experts

Partnership Benefit


Collaboration Partner Application Form

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CPC to advance open data interoperability across the design and construction supply chain. CPC Partners include project owners, governing authorities, member organizations, universities, standard institutions, and media outlets. Please answer the following questions about your organization, and look for a follow-up email with next steps. 

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