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We are building a broad coalition of construction supply chain stakeholders united around the #SharedPains we all face when miscommunication... leads to misuse... mistakes... lost profits… and lost relationships.

Together, we can iterate, fail fast, and learn faster to scale the digital transformation of design and construction. 

Our Vision

To redefine project performance measurement in the digital age.


  • The millennial generation (and wise scholars like Eli Goldratt and Daniel Kahneman) have now proven - through data - that measurement can have a psychological effect on individual performance. 


  • The challenges of construction are no longer technical, they are social and contractual.

CPC Vision Infographic.png

“Tell me how I am measured, and I will tell you how I will behave”

-Eli Goldratt, Theory of Constraints

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  Project Delivery Stakeholders Include:


  • AEC Professionals Educate AECO professionals about the capabilities and limitations of technology

  • Technology Solution Providers Educate technology providers about the nuances of contract delivery type and their impact on project collaboration, trust, and transparency

  • Collaboration Partners Leverage our partnerships with media outlets, member organizations, and government or private owner perspectives to convey a unified message on the role of technology, transparency, and contract requirement to improve construction performance.

Our Mission

To improve project delivery by connecting stakeholders through a Common Data Exchange (CDX).

Our Approach

Traditional approaches to data standards development have assumed that projects exist in an ideal state. Transforming standards adoption in the real world requires isolation of each workflow barrier (e.g., RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, etc.) and breaking it down into the following four phases.


Digest Too often, technology is treated as a simple solution to a complex problem. Before changing a current industry standard of practice, it’s critical to understand the intended (or unintended) consequences of new standards and how they impact the needs of process, technology, or the individual.

Debate To build back trust in construction project data, we must develop new levels of transparency and accountability. By acknowledging where traditional approaches have failed, and discovering the root causes, we can overcome the mistakes of past generations. CDX-certified integrations provide the flexibility that project teams need to adopt the standards and align with project-specific variances.

Decide We believe every DBIO professional should be empowered to select the technology solution that’s most effective for them — provided it has a CDX-certified integration with the larger technology stack. CDX-certified integrations allow project teams to manipulate workflow and technology standards without affecting the reliability of the underlying data.

Deliver  By easing the adoption of digital standards through CDX certified integrations, we are shifting the burden of adoption from the software end-user to the software provider. Rather than burdening the project team to review a file exports for compliance, a CDX certified integration has the ability to prevent a formal transaction from completing if the minimum data fields have not been completed.

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