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How we Build This:

RFI (Request for Information)

with The Construction Channel

We give special thanks to Newforma and ConstructionChannel.TV for coming together to produce high quality content that gets to the heart of our #SharedPains. As summarized best on their website, HWBT deconstructs the role of people and processes to transform technology in the digital age. In each episode, they bring together design, build, and operator perspectives to break down a shared pain. In this episode, they illuminate the unfortunate reality that too often those moments of pride and glory are overshadowed by cost and schedule delays that occur along the information supply chain. In Episode 1, Rachel Piopel (HDR) and Shannon Lightfoot (McCarthy Building Companies) discuss the RFI dilemma from their respective roles, while Slater Latour (Newforma) explains their purpose of connecting data across the project ecosystem.

Have an Idea for a Future Episode?!

To inquire about producing future episodes on different project interoperability topics, please contact Aaron Wright (Construction Channel.) 

Please note, HWBT episode partnerships are only available to Ambassador Level Members.

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