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Overall Innovation Award ($10,000 Scholarship)

Abdullah Alsuhaibani

Civil Engineering Graduate Student, University of Texas - Austin

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Abdullah's Prototype Proposal Shared Gains:

Eliminate data reenter

  Single source of truth

for the documents


Increased Transparency and Collaboration through having Centric Management System

DOT Project Quality Assurance           

& Control Presentation

According to Joe Williams, VP of global industry insights for Bluebeam, Abdullah's prototype solution was the most viable because he took a more project and owner-centric view of the problem and how to solve it. After completing a final CDX research report, Abdullah will take home $10,000 in scholarship courtesy of Bluebeam!

Adbullah is a civil engineering graduate student at the University of Texas - Austin. His research focused on the quality assurance and non-conformance report exchanges on Design-Build projects between Zachry Construction, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and third party inspectors. Abdullah's presentation was unanimously voted the winner by our CDX Advisory Panel. 

Quality Control
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Intern Excellence Award ($5,000 Scholarship)

Trina Cook

Senior Civil Engineering Student, Perdue University Northwest

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Trina's Proposal

Shared Gains:

RFI Report can be viewed and edited by all stakeholders


Same technology is utilized   by all stakeholders

Meetings occur with all stakeholders to explain the software for each project

Training on Owner's required software would be mandatory 

Request for Information (RFI) 

According to Dan Smolilo, CDX mentor and director of process & innovation for the Walsh GroupTrina really dove into understanding the root causes of each breakdown in the RFI process. Trina is taking home a grand total $5,000 scholarship courtesy of Bluebeam. 

Congratulations to Trina Cook, senior civil engineering student at Purdue University Northwest, on winning the Intern Excellence Award for her presentation of the #sharedpains facing the GC, Owners Rep, and Designer across each stage of the RFI. This CDX scenario identifies the interoperability breakdowns across the RFI workflow on the infrastructure project where she interned. 

Request for Information

Research Participation Scholarships

($2,500 each)

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Jenna Levi

Senior Mechanical Engineering Student

Ohio State University

Document Control

Jenna Levi, senior mechanical engineering student at Ohio State University, investigated Document Control & Submittal Review standards. A Walsh Intern alumni, Jenna's CDX investigation began by surveying Interns, PEs, & PMs to identify Document Control as an opportunity for improvement. Her presentation concluded with a prototype for standardizing training and scaling best practices across the organization. ​

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Andrew Foley

Senior Civil Engineering Student

Perdue University Northwest

Production Tracking

Andrew Foley, senior civil engineering student at Purdue University, researched the digital supply chain of trade production tracking. Andrew's CDX investigation began with his internship responsibility of tracking process piping installation in the field, and ended with use cases for Walsh's estimating department to leverage historical quantities and forecast future project production rates. ​

Document Contol
Production Tracking

A Special Thanks to Bluebeam for making this Possible!

Bluebeam’s partnership with CPC in support of research for practical CDX solutions is an impactful step forward for the industry, chipping away at our shared pains to generate digital efficiencies. ​Once again, congratulations to our inaugural class of Bluebeam CDX Scholarship Researchers!  A quick word from Bluebeam Sr. Community Development Manager Kellie Ward:

“Congratulations to each of the winners of the Bluebeam CDX Scholarship! We have been so honored to be a part of these students’ journeys as they dedicated their time to solving real industry problems. Thanks to the CPC for partnering with us to provide a platform that recognizes these students as true industry heroes!”


Kellie Ward

Bluebeam, Sr. Community Development Manager

2020 CDX Report Notification

Download the 2020 Bluebeam Scholarship CDX Report ! 

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