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Let's Do This Together!

Digital Transformations are not driven by technology alone. They require foundational changes at the individual, business, and public policy level. Transparency and trust is required between project stakeholders before either party would consider deviating from the status quo. At the Construction Progress Coalition, we seek to collaborate with diverse perspectives to resolve the most pressing challenges faced in the industry today.

Thought Leadership

Bringing together diverse perspectives to improve our understanding of the #SharedPains facing project delivery stakeholders in their attempts to streamline data interoperability while improving project data insights.


Bringing together diverse perspectives on a common topic, we debate the root causes of our #SharedPains to identify where #SharedGains can lead to real change. The Common Data Exchange (CDX) framework brings together construction supply-chain stakeholders to design machine-readable project data interoperability standards.


A rising tide lifts all ships. CPC seeks to partner with other industry member organizations, research universities, project owners,  the importance of data quality and project exchange standards.

What are your #SharedPains?

We want to hear from you! Submit the #SharedPains you are currently facing by clicking the button below.

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