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Advancing Prefab Take Aways

Amazing feeling to be back IN PERSON this week for Advancing Prefabrication!! #kudos to Amy Marks & Nicole Moy for bringing everyone together in #Dallas and #Virtually.

Great discussions in the #DfMA, #BIM & #VDC breakout track. My #keytakeaways & #plusdelta

1. Prefabrication requires more input from a broader group of stakeholders to increase certainty earlier in the design development…. And that’s REALLY hard to do.

2. How do you generate project certainty? Improve #communication and build #trust between stakeholders.

3. How do you build trust? Each stakeholder must give up the fallacy that they have complete control over anything. #transparency and #vulnerability are key to unlocking the potential for win-win-win solutions.

4. Prefab does not work in a “finite game” mindset that plagues most of construction. Instead, Prefab thrives in an #infinitegame culture where are stakeholders are striving towards the same goal.

Plus - this was my first hybrid in-person and remote video panel interview. I’m curious how the experience was for the virtual audience, but in the room it worked really well!

Delta - remote pre-recorded presentations to a live audience are tough



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