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CDX Initiative Team Lead

Carole Filion


Post Summit Content

Team Members

Aaron Kivett

New Forma

Rob Sloyer (V)

Kast Construction

Brent Byrd

Owens Corning

Chris Collins


DJ Phipps (V)

Procore Technologies

Eduardo Franken


Matt Beaumont

Blue Beam

Travis Stensby

Procore Technologies

Natalie Abshier


CDX-002 Building Asset Supply Chain

Topic 2.2: Acceptance Criteria for Design Document Packages

How Might We

Automate the Design to Construction handover of new design document packages

In Ways That

Embed authoring tool metadata into file export packages uploaded to the project-selected document management software (DMS)

So That

The processing of design issuance packaging become automated and the builder can focus on review and approval of the metadata they receive

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