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Collaborating to Advance Data Interoperability in Construction

We are a broad coalition of Architect, Engineer, Contractor, and Owner stakeholders, along with our technology partners, united around the  #SharedPains we all face when miscommunication leads to misuse, mistakes, lost profits, and lost relationships. Together, we can iterate, fail fast, and learn faster to scale the digital transformation of design and construction. 

New & Notable

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Training & Education

Could you or your team benefit from CDX Training or further education? Fill out the form below to get more information on face-to-face workshops, live online training, customized group training and more!

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Will you join us?

Fed up with the slow progress of innovation in construction?
Help us move one step closer to seamless digital collaboration! 

What's Your Perspective?

Join our growing list of coalition members and collaborate with us solve #SharedPains

Current Members

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Become Part of the Change

Join CPC today to have access to the best professional network of industry collaborators & resources for transformation!

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