The Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) is looking for AEC Member student interns to apply for acceptance into our second class of Common Data Exchange (CDX) research scholarship recipients. Bluebeam has graciously donated another $20,000 to be divided between accepted applicants that complete their CDX research assignment.


Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Selected applicants will go a step above their normal summer responsibilities over Six weeks (July 6th – August 17th) to research an AEC interoperability workflow (ex. - RFI, Submittal, Change Order, Daily Report, Quality Control, Safety, etc.) and document it using the provided CDX Playbook.

Eligibility & Application Requirements

Students of all levels are invited to apply (high school & undergraduate)


Applicants should...

  • have some previous experience in the Architecture, Engineering, or Construction (AEC) industry, either through past internship or work experience

  • indicate the AEC data exchange workflow they wish to research (i.e. - RFI, Submittal, etc)

  • identify the company or project that will be participating in your research

  • obtain a signed letter of support from your project sponsor or research mentor 

  • provide a personal statement (1,000 word essay or 7 minute video) that addresses the following personal statement topics

Personal Statement Topics


1. AEC Industry Experience

  • If you could pick any AEC collaboration workflow to research, what would it be? Why ?

  • What has been your real-world experience with it?

  • What challenges did you identify?

  • Have you found any new process or technology solutions to address them?


2. Research Experience & Qualifications

  • Please describe any previous research you’ve conducted, including experience with project case study research and/or conducting interviews.


  • If applicable, share references to any projects/articles/posters you’ve produced or supported as part of a larger team.

3. Summer Work Scope & Expectations

  • What are your anticipated roles and responsibilities?


  • How will this opportunity complement your internship and not detract from your primary responsibilities?


  • What are your career aspirations following this internship?


Check out the final presentations from our 2020 recipients for an example of what to expect!

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Request for Information

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Field Production Tracking

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Document Control

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Quality Control